Terzani Lighting The Memory of Light

Memory is made of light, of sudden illumination, of recollections. They are ephemeral moments in time, with tremendous emotive power.

Terzani has captured their evanescent tenderness with a return to the highest traditions of craftsmanship in wrought iron, Venetian glass and inlaid wood. Each object is created with the painstaking care of the artisan and is thus unique and inimitable, presenting special features that make it different from all the others; not imperfections, but the distinctive marks of the craftsman.

Terzani defines light as impudent and theatrical. The end of shadows, with boredom, doubts, penitence and darkness made officially extinct. For Terzani, thinking of light means bringing intelligence, lightheartedness and creativity to the joy of living in your home.

A subset of the Memory of Light collection, the Virgins collection is one of my personal favorites. The overall impression of the chandelier is lyrical spaciousness, with the old-fashioned warmth of a wreath.

It wraps its arms around you with naked honesty, inviting your eyes to trace its contours like an unfinished figure drawing.

Delicious in its wholesome beauty, it delivers an air of mystery through the hand blown scavo murano amber glass diffusers which glow from bottom to top.

All items in the Virgins collection are also available in a silver leaf finish with hand blown amethyst "scavo" murano glass diffusers.

Terzani's Hook chandelier is another standout piece. The hand-waxed rusty finish metal circular forms effortlessly references life's repeating rhythms, while the schism in each halo presents the gaps where transformation can occur. The irregular placement of each amber borosilicate glass diffuser parallels the chaos factor inherent in this worldly existence.

Hook is also available in a nickel-plated finish with transparent borosilicate glass diffusers.