Rab Lighting Van1I Vandalproof 6 X 8 Ceiling 75W Incandescent

By: RAB Lighting
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  • Clear Lens
  • White

Product Details

The VAN1I Vandalproof 6 X 8 Ceiling 75W Incandescent from RAB Lighting is perfect for outdoor ceiling lighting – as the name suggests, the injection molded tough polycarbonate cover set with Philips head screws make it difficult for someone aiming to vandalize it by either stealing or breaking the bulb to deactivate the light. Both translucent and clear white lenses are available with the VAN1 and the light is suitable for wet conditions as well. A back box allows for conduit entry for wiring/ cabling or bulb changes. The reflector in this 6 X 8 ceiling light are made up of heavy gauge cold rolled steel with baked white enamel for better reflective properties. The “6 X 8” in the VAN1 depicts the approximate dimensions of the light. Incandescent lamp not supplied

Product Features

  • Both Vandal Proof Center Pin Torx and slotted Phillips head screws supplied
  • Tough polycarbonate refractors
  • Back boxes available for conduit entry

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