General Lighting Questions

What does it mean when a lighting fixture is noted as being "UL listed" for Dry, Damp, or Wet-Rated locations?

Most of the lighting fixtures and ceiling fans sold in the United States have been tested and rated by an independent product safety certification organization called Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Some may have an ETL Listed mark if they have been tested by ntertek.

UL Listed (for Dry Locations)

A fixture rated for dry locations will often just be "UL Listed" with no qualifier. A dry location is an indoor area that is not subject to dampness, or that contains adequate ventilation to prevent an accumulation of moisture.

Dry Locations include living rooms, bedrooms, dining areas, kitchens, hallways, and foyers.

UL Listed for Damp Locations (Interior)

Sometimes lighting fixtures or ceiling fans will be noted with "Suitable for Damp Locations" or "Suitable for Wet Locations". These fixtures can be used in an exterior or interior location that is normally or periodically subject to condensation of moisture. The moisture may accumulate in, on or adjacent to the electrical components of the light or fan.

Indoor Damp Locations include over bathtubs and showers that will not receive direct water contact, indoor pools and laundry rooms.

Using Damp Rated Products (Exterior)

Fixtures that are damp rated for outdoor use can only be placed in covered, fully protected locations that will not be directly exposed to water during a rain or storm.

Outdoor Damp Locations include covered patios and covered porches that are completely protected from direct contact with water.

UL Listed for Wet Locations

Only fixtures marked "Suitable for Wet Locations" may be used in wet locations, whether it is placed indoors or outdoors. These fixtures are safe to use in any interior or exterior location where water will flow, drip or splash against the electrical components of a lighting fixture or ceiling fan.

Outdoor Wet Locations include uncovered porches, open-air decks and patios, exterior walls, gazebos, and walkways. Indoor Wet Locations include shower enclosures.

 LED Lighting Questions

Are LED lights dimmable?

LED lights are not always dimmable. There are many types of LEDs - some are dimmable with a regular incandescent dimmer, some require a special dimmer, and some are not dimmable at all.  Each situation needs to be verified before assuring this can be done. Please check the manufacturer's specification sheet, which should be attached on the Files tab of most products on our website.  You may call Louie Lighting or the manufacturer directly these details if they are not listed. Another thing to note is that in many cases LEDs will dim to 20% 10% or 5% at most. They will not always dim completely down to 0% as we are used with incandescent light sources. If smooth dimming is required and multiple LED light fixtures will be utilized, it is advised to purchase one LED lamp first to test the results of the LED dimmer (or dimming system). If the combination is satisfactory, only then proceed with the full blown setup. 

Which LED lighting fixtures are dimmable?

The following information is provided by the manufacturers: (Louie Lighting is not responsible for the accuracy of this information)
Eurofase Lighting:  LED fixtures are not dimmable.
Tech Lighting: LED fixtures are dimmable. All freejack LED canopies are dimmable with standard incandescent dimmer. All track LED compatible transformers can be dimmed with low voltage electronic dimmer.
LBL Lighting: LED fixtures are dimmable. All fixtures (including canopies and track system transformers) are dimmable with low voltage electronic dimmer.

Track Lighting Questions

My area is poorly lit, and I want to purchase some track lighting. What advice can you give me?

While develoing a lighting plan for your layout, be sure you can aim the lights towards art and objects in the rooms, for when you light walls or objects you will also gain reflected light that bounces from them and adds to the ambient light of the room. It is all about what makes sense to you personally based on your needs for light in the space. The key is a balance in the lighting so that you are not leaving whole areas of your space in shadow. 

I have a low voltage cable lighting kit and the transformer has burnt out.  Can this be replaced?

In most cases, the low voltage transformer for both cable and track lighting kits can be replaced with the same transformer from the same manufacturer. Just give us a phone call at 1877 385 2104, provide your original order number if applicable, and we will obtain both pricing and availability for this part from the manufacturer for you.

Low Voltage Transformers Questions

Can I use a magnetic low voltage dimmer to dim my line voltage/halogen bulbs if they are connected on the same circuit with low voltage bulbs?

No. You cannot combine the two load types on the same dimmed circuit.  However, you can remedy this by using separate circuits for the different types.  Some have found this to be rather beneficial.  Using separate dimmers gives more flexibility and options to the user.  For example, you may not want an entire section dimmed or turned completely off. Perhaps you wish only to highlight a certain area of the room such as a wall with artwork. Separate circuitry allows for many options.

Kitchen Lighting Questions

I want to install kitchen lighting in an older home. It is currently very dark and has a recessed ceiling. What are some options I can use to create a warm, cozy feel without using fluorescent lights? 

We recommend using recessed, adjustable, low voltage can lights with a smaller signature.  The signature size refers to the diameter of the light fixture.  Smaller fixtures do not mean less light, and many find them more visually appealing than the larger down-lights of old. We also suggest washing the light toward the walls and cabinets, rather than straight down.  This will help bounce light around the area and reduce any darkness through reflection.  Please email us at if you need reccommendations for specific products that can work for your ceiling type, and don't forget to include your room dimensions and ceiling height.

How high should mini and small pendant lights hang above the kitchen island?

The hanging height of the mini and small pendant lights depend on personal preference, but generally pendant lights should be installed 28-35 inches above the kitchen counter top. As a rule of thumb, try to eliminate direct view of the light source which can cause glare, irritation and a loss of visual comfort.

Light Bulbs Questions

What is the difference between a PAR30 bulb, an MR-11, and an MR-16 bulb?

Parabolic aluminized reflector (PAR) 30 bulbs control light more precisely. They produce about four times the concentrated light intensity of general service A shape incandescents, and are used in recessed and track lighting. Like all light bulbs, the 30 value represents the diameter of the bulb in 18 of an inch.

A multifaceted reflector (often abbreviated MR) light bulb is a reflector housing format for halogen as well as some LED and fluorescent lamps. The MR-16 is smaller in size and offers more light per watt.  It has better beam control with a smoother beam.  Applying accessories like color filters and louvers is also easier with this lamp. The MR-11 is even smaller in size but is limited to 35W of light.  

 Special Lighting Applications and Lighting Effects Questions

I am looking for low voltage lighting to put into a half inch channel, to up light crushed glass. My existing lights are not bright enough to cast thourgh the glass. Any suggestions? 

Your application would be served best through a Fiber optic light frame that is specially designed for edge illumination of glass panels. It provides a receiving channel to align fibers to the edge of the panel. We provide four panel thickness sizes: 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" and 3/4" wide.  Also, a remote illuminator is required. Another option is to use an LED light strip which can be mounted inside the channel. 

Reccessed Lighting and Inground Lighting Questions

I have a concrete ceiling, which I am unable to channel. I also have a very low ceiling height. I can spare 3" from the concrete to the bottom of a finished ceiling. Is there any light fixture recessed or semi-recessed that can fit in such a shallow condition?

We have some types of recessed lights that can solve this problem for you. Many are low-profile designs specifically made to go into constricted spaces. 

Can housings for inground lights and/or step lights ship earlier than the remaining fixture so I can pour the concrete right away?   

In most cases the housing can be shipped separately, however it differs by manufacturer and by fixture.  Please contact to determine if the particular fixture you want has this ability.

Obtaining an item not found on the site

What if I am looking for a certain product that I do not find in your online store?  

We offer an enormous line of products and are not able to display all in our webstore. Please call, chat or email us at for pricing on the fixture you are looking for.

Fan contollers

I have a fan with a controller and my fan's light is turning on by itself! What's happening?

There is a radio interference with the receiver. This could be coming from wi-fi, garage door, even a neighbor's fan.  The switches sequence (located in both the controller(s) and the fan itself) needs to be changed to become more unique.  The sequence can be anything that will make it more unique and less likely to interfere another device (I.e. 1 up, 2 down, 1 up, 3 down, etc)

Other Questions

Do you ship the Modernica George Nelson Bubble lamps to Australia and New Zealand?

Please click here for more information or, chat or email us at for pricing on the fixture you are looking for.