Arie Louie, an award-winning lighting designer, worked from an early age in the motion picture and television industry as a freelance lighting director. Following his school career, Arie served for a total sixteen years with the Israel Defense Forces as a Cobra Gunship helicopter pilot.

Going back to his love for lighting and design in 1985, Arie started an architectural and event lighting company. Louie's service for event lighting set a new direction in the way events were illuminated. In 1993, Arie moved to Arizona to continue his passion for the design industry. 

Launching Louie Lighting in Arizona, the successful lighting designer continued to grow with the start of its Web site, www.louielighting.com in 1998. Louie Lighting has become a major international distributor leading the way in commercial projects such as terminal lighting in Sky Harbor International Airport.

Arie has also offered his award-winning custom lighting design expertise to homeowners and trade professionals alike with besoke lighting applications via his Arie Designs website. Arie is known for his creativity and ability to bring art and magic to every space. Sticking to his philosophy, "Light is life", Arie's dynamic presence in the lighting market continues to manifest in his designs for residential, commercial and landscape lighting projects.

Louie Lighting is dedicated to serving consumers on a deeper level with products and services that improve all aspects of life through lighting. Working in architectural, theatrical and motion picture lighting, Arie is illuminating the future of design with over a quarter of a century of lighting experience. Sticking to his skill and vision, Arie streamlines the shopping experience for consumers with intuitive advice designed to efficiently meet any need. After 23 years in Arizona, Arie Louie continues to brighten the industry, ensuring that visitors to Arie Designs and www.louielighting.com are offered the latest in personal and online information, products and resources. 

Arie Designs