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The Venetia Studium Fortuny Collection

Not often is it that one comes across a line of lighting fixtures, or may I better say "Lighting Sculptures", that began in the last century but maintains a unique and "Artsy" feeling even today. I'm proud to write about the Fortuny line and it would be an injustice on my part to review it without paying a tribute to the original creator Mariano FORTUNY Y MADRAZO (1871-1949).
Fortuny lamps have originated in Venice and draw their beauty and color from the streets of Venice.
It's is fascinating to learn about Mariano Fortuny and I must admit that the more I read about him, the more I'm inspired for my own practice. Mariano Fortuny had a curious, brilliant and creative mind which he focused on artistic production that is based on research in diferent art and industry forms such as textile, lighting, interior and stage design, painting, photography and architecture. His research and work with lighting led him to a number of patents; Mariano also came up with new innovations  for dyeing of textile and new ways for printing processes on fabrics, reproducing the beauty, color and depth and of ancient tapestries, brocades and velvets. Mariano Fortuny penetrated the world of woman's fashion and influenced generations of women.

At the beginning of this century, Mariano has done trials with the application of the new electric light source to stage design. For pure means of decoration he created the fascinating Fortuny lamps, which helped diffuse the light through silk shades that are stretched over a form made of delicate wire. The silk was painted by hand and had gold decorations that were the inspiration by art from the orient and was also decorated with beads made of glass and silk cords.fortuny lamps
Today Fortuny lamps are produced only by Venetia Studium which is the only holder company in the universe that is permitted to use the trademark. In review of their current creations one notices that they make a special effort to adhere to the finest qualities of design and production. Venetia Stadium is using sophisticated and delicate techniques, the highest quality of finish and put great attention to details in the design and manufacturing of each original lamp bearing the Fortuny trademark. The Fortuny founder vision is to form objects that speak an historic language of good taste and beauty.

The Fortuny lamp line consists of hanging pendant lights, floor lamps and wall sconces and are made of silk or glass. The Concubine collection is available in silk only. The special quality and the lightness of the opalescent silk stretched over the delicate wire frame and the diffuse subtle light which creates silhouettes, all merge together to create beautiful lighting sculptures that can be used in verity of styles and locations.

In the glass range of the Fortuny lamps, Venetia Studium continues the old tradition of the Venetian master glass blowers, while retaining the elegance and originality of the shapes fortuny lightsfound in the silk version.

- Arie Louie
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