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Outdoor Step Lighting

Outdoor Step lights are used for variety of applications that mostly apply to low level lighting for pathways, steps, patios, decks etc. When choosing the type of step lights to use in your specific application start with the purpose you have in mind for using the step lights and the visual appearance you would like to get.

Consider the shape of the lights; they come in all kinds of shapes and mostly in round and rectangular shapes. Some are small round fixtures and some are larger in diameter. Some have an eyelid and some have a flat lens. Of the rectangular step lights some are square and others are very narrow and long, most of the rectangular step lights are mounted horizontally but some are made to be mounted vertically. Use your imagination and expand your vision, sometimes it pays to break out of the norm and do something that is different. After you have selected the type and size of the step light that fits your vision, you will have to decide what type of power you want to feed the light fixtures with. The most common choices are 12V low voltage or 120V line voltage. Low voltage step lights normally require remote transformers. You will also need to decide which type of lamp you would like to use. The main types available for step lighting are incandescent, compact fluorescent and LED (light emitting diodes). LED lamps have the longest lamp life and normally rated between 50-100,000 hours. Compact fluorescent lamps are rated at 10,000 and incandescent/halogen lamps are rated between 1500-5000 hours. When planning to install the outdoor step lights remember to choose lights that are rated for wet location, many of the step lights on our site are available for use in both, exterior and interior applications. Please also remember to check what type of mounting hardware to get for the step lights, some of the step lights are supplied with mounting hardware for concrete pour installation. Other mounting kits are usually available for existing stud wall, for masonry and for new stud wall.


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