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Outdoor Lighting

Many outdoor lighting techniques may be used to illuminate gardens, landscapes and buildings and to add drama and beauty to these exterior spaces. Creative outdoor lighting designers use the light as the artists uses a brush on an empty canvas; they draw with brush strokes of light.

what is to be a dramatic and spectacular display of light.


Outdoor decorative lighting ads a new touch to spaces while providing enhanced orientation and safety. The good lighting designer knows how to maximize the use of lighting fixtures in order to create magical lighting effects while taking in consideration aspects of safety, maintenance, aesthetics, dark sky lighting issues, and more.


The private individual who wants to design outdoor lighting for his home should consider low voltage landscape lighting as the primary system. There are many advantages for using low voltage landscape lighting for creating beautiful outdoor decorative lighting effects here are some of them:


12 volt lighting is safer and easier to install.

Low voltage lighting fixtures are much smaller than line voltage lighting fixtures.

Low voltage lights usually have better beam control and longer lamp life.

It is much easier to modify low voltage lighting systems, especially when it relates to outdoor lighting.

When you intend to install outdoor decorative lighting or landscape lighting in your yard, make sure that you select quality lighting fixtures from reputable sources, you can find many of them on our site. There are many outdoor decorative lighting fixtures that can set a mood and make people feel better outdoors, some of the outdoor lighting techniques most used are: up lighting, silhouetting, shadowing, walkway lighting, spot lighting and  wall wash


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