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Low Voltage Landscape Transformers

Normal residential voltage is 120 volts and 12 volts is referred to as low voltage. Low voltage landscape transformers reduce the current from 120V to 12V or 24V. Of late, due to the preponderance of decorative and specific lighting for creating mood and accent.

the number of lights required in domestic lighting has increased. Usually, the lower the voltage, the smaller is the filament and the size of the light bulb. This allows for smaller light fixtures and for a better beam control. In order to reduce the consumption of electricity, and due to other benefits, modern low voltage and LED lighting is being used to a greater degree. LED lights mostly operate on low voltage. Hence, in order to convert the normal line voltage to the low voltage required for running decorative, landscape and exterior lights, low voltage landscape transformers are being increasingly used in the lighting industry. There are different types of low voltage transformers. Some of them are: Landscape outdoor transformers, in ground transformers, multi tap transformers, indoor transformers, LED DC transformers, and more… One of the factors to be kept in mind when installing outdoor or indoor transformers is that they may sound a slight buzz when in operation. This buzz can be considerably reduced by selecting good quality lighting transformers. This sound may especially be noticeable in interior and very quiet spaces but in most cases it is not noticeable.


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