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Landscape Lighting

Exterior and landscape lighting enhances the architecture, gardens, walkways, and patios or decks. Outdoor lighting fixtures help to alleviate the darkness of the night. It also helps to balance the light coming from the interior lighting and/or other sources eliminating unwanted shadows.

Landscape outdoor lighting fixtures come in variety of types and are usually divided to low voltage lights and line voltage type landscape lights. Landscape light fixtures can shine light horizontally towards an object or shine up or down on an object giving it richness and dimension. The entry is the first impression of the building or house, by illuminating the entry area, landscape lighting fixtures give a design preview of what’s to come and can brighten up the space while adding the illumination needed for safety . Exterior and Landscape lighting provides an amazing opportunity to create magic and fantasy to an otherwise dark and shadowed canvas. Landscape Lighting Tips: Up-lighting bushes, trees and other vegetation is the main technique used to create drama and fantasy with outdoor lighting. The use of low voltage outdoor lighting systems is recommended by us for landscape lighting. This is due to the great light output from relatively small sources, having good beam control, ease of installation and increased safety by using 12V instead of 120V fixtures. Illuminating water features from within the water is preferred allowing the light to reflect out of the water with flicker which adds to the interest and mystery. Balance the landscape lighting fixtures throughout the garden and create layers of lights. Make sure to light up far corners and even perimeter walls, this will add depth and comfort to the spectators view. Using larger number of fixtures with lesser intensity is usually better than fewer light fixtures with higher intensity and glare. Use concealed sources of outdoor light fixtures for path lighting, see that the light is directed towards the area where it’s needed and that it is not shining into the eyes. In large areas consider using more than one low voltage transformer, so that wire distance runs will decrease eliminating big drop of voltage at the low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures. Use more than one spot tree up light for trees with big canopies so that the tree will be illuminated evenly. For illumination of Palm trees it is usually best to use a spot light or two that are mounted close to the trunk of the tree and aiming vertically upwards grazing the trunk. Use special 50W MR16 10 degree beam lamps to get the most light up the tree trunk from small low voltage fixtures. Make sure that all low voltage outdoor lighting wiring connections are tight and sealed for better system function. You can use low voltage rope lighting to create linear lighting effects where appropriate. LED rope light is preferred for long lamp life and energy savings. Low voltage underwater lights are safer to use and are smaller in size. Underwater light fixtures can add a lot of drama to any space.



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