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Desk Lamps

If you are seeking function in addition to form, a desk lamp can be a great alternative to a floor or table lamp. Used primarily for task lighting, they are flexible enough to be placed anywhere. The adjustable light source can be directed to illuminate reading materials, study spaces, and other work areas.

Desk lamps add timeless sophistication to any setting. Throughout our online store, we offer a large selection in classic, exclusive and contemporary designs to suit your individual style. Most desk lamps have options that enable you to adjust the height and the distance of the light. When using a desk lamp for reading, ensure that it is placed at shoulder level when you are in a sitting or reclining position. The lamp shade should be about even with your head. Be sure the light source remains about 3 feet from the written material. Depending on the type and wattage of the bulb, a desk lamp is designed to illuminate about 20 square foot area. Avoid the shadows of your hand from distracting you while writing or making notes by placing the lamp on the opposite side. Desk lamps can also be connected to dimmers to regulate the intensity of the glow. Select the correct bulb and opt for a dimmer to regulate illumination rather than purchasing a lower wattage bulb.


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