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Ceiling Lights

Ceiling lights are one of the most common types of lighting fixtures found in almost any place lighting is used to illuminate a space. Ceiling lights are very effective for ambient lighting and depending on the size of the room they should be designed to provide an overall balanced 

lighting. There are different types of ceiling lights which include, semi flush, flush mount lights, monopoint lights, multiple ceiling spots, and more.


When looking for the type of ceiling light fixture that is right for your application, first decide what the purpose of the light is. For example, is it just to add some ambient lighting or is it to accent specific object in the room? Select the style of the fixture, for example is it contemporary or traditional style? Selecting the type of ceiling light according to the objectives of using it will insure a better end result. 


One of the mistakes we see is when people try to illuminate a large room or space with one ceiling light fixture. This normally creates an unbalanced lighting for the room where close to the light there is over illumination and glare and as you go further from the light the room gets very dark. You can avoid that by placing multiple ceiling lights in even spacing or by supplementing the additional light with the help of other sources of light like recessed cans, lamps, track lighting etc.


We also recommend to use lighting dimmers with most of the lights, this would allow you to have unlimited options with regard to creating atmosphere lighting, and it would extend the lamp life and save you on expensive energy costs.

Please remember that if you have any other questions with regards to ceiling lights, our team of lighting professionals at Louie Lighting is here to serve you, just call or email us anytime.


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