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Cable Lighting

Low voltage cable lighting became extremely popular among lighting consumers in the last ten years. The concept of low voltage cable lighting allows for lighting solutions that were not available before and is added to the lighting designer’s tool box as a powerful component.

Before the invention of the low voltage cable lighting system it was almost impossible to achieve a balanced illumination in areas where there was no access to the ceiling or to electrical power at the ceiling level. Now with the ability to stretch cables in almost any direction either from walls or any other elements, and with the safety of the low voltage power (normally 12V) these spaces can be illuminated easily. Another big advantage of the cable lighting is in situations of very high ceilings. Placing the lights high on the ceiling would reduce their effect and the illumination at floor level would not be sufficient. In contrast, with the use of cable lighting systems we can stretch the cables at any height while allowing for perfect illumination. Cable lighting can be used for many different applications like task lighting, accent lighting, general ambient lighting, art lighting, reading lighting, and many more. Recommended height for the cables is anywhere from 8 feet to 12 feet, depending on the size of the space and the purpose of the lighting. The low voltage cable lighting system is usually installed parallel to the floor but creatively it can be applied in many different ways and angles. There are a few major brands for cable lighting and they include, Tech Lighting, Tiella, Bruck Lighting, Translite Systems and others. Please note that you may need help to configure the parts needed to build your system and do not hesitate to contact our experts for a complete system quote. Enjoy your next low voltage cable lighting project.


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