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Arie's Highlights For Better Outdoor and Exterior Lighting

Arie's Highlights For Better Outdoor and Landscape Lighting

Landscape and outdoor lighting improves the architecture, gardens, walkways, and patios or decks. Outdoor lighting illuminates the darkness and helps to balance the light which is reflecting from the inside of the house.  With the use of outdoor lighting fixtures, home owners can illuminate features, driveways or walkways, and enrich their environment.  
From the entry to the back yard, layers of light can be added to provide lighting for safety as well as drama and beauty. The concept of depth of field is coming into play where a visitor can see further into the outdoor space and enjoy the beauty of the garden with the help of the landscape lights that illuminate it softly.
Landscape lighting tips:
1. When selecting exterior wall sconces make sure that the size of fixtures you plan to use is proportional to the wall height or column that the fixture will be mounted to.

2. Avoid as much as possible exposed bright light sources they cause the iris of the eye to close and other areas to seem darker. This is extremely important when it relates to exterior lighting where there are fewer light sources and a dark surroundings.

3. Up-lighting walls and other vertical plans is a very powerful way to add to the interest of buildings, try to use trees or bushes in order to help filter the light and create interesting effects.

4. Avoid spot lights that shine directly into the eyes of people, try to locate the safety lights in locations that will not blind people as they enter the house or building.

5. More light sources of lesser intensity are usually better than fewer light sources with high intensity.

6. Try to highlight architectural features like columns and arches, repeating items always adds to the interest and beauty.

7. Avoid placing light sources close to ceiling fans blades to eliminate any possibility of light flicker.


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