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Bathroom Lights

Wouldn't you like to be able to function smoother with your daily and nightly routine? Improved lighting will help ease the detailed activities that are usually associated with the bathroom, such as: applying makeup, shaving, etc. The bathroom is a very important room and is the place we perform many personal functions that relate to how we look.

"Bathroom lighting and fixtures can be as simple or as advanced as you wish, but the techniques for good bathroom lighting remain the same" The Bathroom Lighting Philosophy: Good quality light that helps to eliminate shadows on the face and complements the way we look, is the foundation of good bathroom lighting. Bathroom Lighting Techniques: Bathroom lighting and fixtures can be as simple or as advanced as you wish, but the techniques for good bathroom lighting remain the same and are based on a few fundamental principles: Ambient bathroom lighting- Providing good ambient lighting in the bathroom is important for general illumination and for reducing the contrast in the vanity area. Therefore it will also help to minimize shadows when looking at the mirror. This will also increases the visual aspect when concentrating on detail orientated applications. The ambient lighting provides an all-around light which enhances visual representation. You can provide ambient lighting by mounting close to ceiling lights or by using ceiling cans. When placing recessed cans over the vanity area where one is centered over the sink. The light will reflect back and fill the area under the chin which otherwise would be hard to reach with light. Bathroom vanity lighting fixtures- One of the more challenging areas is the bathroom vanity lighting. It is important to provide good color rendering lamps (so we see ourselves in a natural light) and provide excellent frontal lighting sources that will help reduce shadows on the face. As we stand in front of the mirror, and depending on the color of the sink and countertop, if the light comes only from above, we may see dark shadows under the eyes and the chin and the skin texture is more emphasized. Good frontal lighting is necessary in order to reduce the shadows and contrast. There are a few ways to achieve this; for example you may use bathroom vanity lighting fixtures like vanity sconces, one on each side of the mirror. The appropriate light sconce will provide the diffused light through a non-colored material like frosted glass (in order to maintain the natural color of the light). You may also create the same effect by hanging bathroom lighting fixtures in the shape of narrow pendants on each side of the mirror for a refreshing and interesting look. Sconces are a common way to add frontal lights as well as the light bar that is usually mounted on or above the mirror. When it comes to bathroom lighting fixtures, many times the shower and bath areas are neglected. The use of quality low voltage recessed shower lights is recommended. Low voltage recessed lighting is great for those areas and special wet location trims are available for this purpose.


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