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  • Hadco Lighting RX132 Roadway LEDGINE-32 LED

Hadco Lighting RX132 Roadway LEDGINE-32 LED

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The RX1 LEDGINE is an excellent solution for LED Street Lighting. The RX1 LEDGINE maximizes energy savings and provides uniform and comfortable white light. The low copper, die cast aluminum housing has a traditional cobra-head style and low profile. The long lasting design is a complete Philips Hadco solution and is environmentally sustainable. The design and performance work in several applications including city centers, downtown streetscapes, major and minor roads. The variety of options will provide a solution for replacing a variety of sources.

Mounting Designed with slip-fitter capable of mounting to a 1.5'' to 2.5'' O.D. or 1.25'' to 2'' NPS horizontal tenon or arm (minimum 6'' long). Integral cast-in stop. A bubble level is built in as well as mounting steps that allow for a +5 Degree to -5 Degree tilt in 2.5 Degree increments. Single clamp mounting system (NOTE: can be modified for two clamps - consult factory). Mounting clamps are made of HSLA steel and are zinc plated. Fasteners are made of stainless steel. Tenon guard protects against birds and similar intruders.
Finish Thermoset polyester powdercoat is electrostatically applied after a five-stage conversion cleaning process and bonded by heat fusion thermosetting. Laboratory tested for superior weatherability and fade resistance in accordance with ASTM B117 specifications. Powdercoat is 3.0 - 6.0 mil thickness. Textured finish.
Total Philips Hadco System Total end-to-end, vertically integrated Philips Hadco System Philips Lumileds LEDs, Philips LEDGINE LED platform, Philips Lighting Electronics Advance driver, Philips Hadco luminaire. Our comprehensive extended warranty covers the entire luminaire as shipped from factory.
Applications The RX1 is the perfect LED solution for roadway lighting and is the ideal luminaire for both new and retrofit installations. Other application locations include: residential streets, city streets, campuses and parking lots. The performance, energy savings, and uniformity of this luminaire allow for it to be a one to one replacement for standard HID cobra-head style luminaires.
Construction The housing is constructed of low copper die-cast aluminum with a traditional cobra-head style, low profile and EPA. The housing is a unique thermal dissipating design with wide angular channels that allow for natural removal of dirt and debris. Two tool-less clips allow for access to the driver and wiring compartment; the hinged door opens downward and is removable for serviceability and upgradability, and it includes a safety feature to prevent accidental disengagement. The Philips LEDGINE LED platform has precision designed, injection molded optic plates behind a single tempered glass lens with gasketed lens frame. The lens gasket is robotically applied. Fasteners are made of stainless steel. Internal labeling in accordance with ANSI C136.37.
Led Specifications Refer to IES files for energy consumption and delivered lumens for each option. Based on ISTMT in-situ thermal testing in accordance with UL1598 and UL8750, data from Philips Lumileds and Philips Advance, and projections from the Philips Lumileds Rebel Reliability Tool, expected to reach the following hours with >L70 lumen maintenance at 25 DegreeC: 100,000 hours at 350mA and 530mA; 92,000 hours at 700mA (consult factory for elevated ambient). The Philips LEDGINE uses Philips Lumileds LEDs. Color temperature is ANSI Bin 4000K CCT (consult factory for 5700K).
Electronic Driver Integral Philips Lighting Electronics Advance XITANIUM LED driver. Standard driver provides universal voltage input from 120-277VAC, 50-60Hz. All XITANIUM LED drivers are RoHS compliant. The LED driver has
Awards & Recognitions Buy American and ARRA Compliant - commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) product proudly designed and Made in the U.S.A. DesignLightsTM Consortium (DLC) Qualified Products List (QPL) pending.
Ansi In accordance with the following ANSI standards: ANSI/NEMA C78.377; ANSI/IEEE C62.45; ANSI C136.2, C136.3, C136.10, C136.14, C136.15 (when applicable), C136.22, C136.25, C136.31, C136.37. Surpasses ANSI C136.37 IP rating, L70 hours and EPA requirements.
Accessories House Side Shield - can be ordered as an accessory, see RX1-HSS specification sheet. Replacement lens - contact factory.
Electrical Assembly A large terminal block is directly in line with incoming power wires and accepts up to 4 gauge wire. Grounding is provided and all internal components assembled and prewired.
Warranty 5 year extended warranty
Certifications UL8750 and UL1598 compliant. ETL and cETL Listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards for wet locations. Manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 Standards. Vibration tested to ANSI C136.31 for Bridge Applications. Luminaire photometric testing performed in accordance with IESNA LM-79 guidelines. Photometric .ies files that include "LM79" in the file name are verified by an independent NVLAP accredited lab. LEDs tested by an ISO 17025-2005 accredited lab in accordance with IESNA LM-80 guidelines in compliance with EPA ENERGY STAR, extrapolations in accordance with IESNA TM-21. RoHS compliant LEDs and LED drivers.
Width 15.8"
Length 25.4
Maximum Weight 19.5 lbs
Height 4.8"
Epa .54 sq ft
Ip Rating IP66: Dust-tight and sealed against direct jets of water. No Ingress of dust. Will withstand 26.4 gallons of water per minute. Water projected in powerful jets shall not enter the enclosure in harmful quantities. The LED optics chamber is IP66 rated. The LED driver is IP66 rated.
Options Optional integral surge suppression device tested in accordance with ANSI/IEEE C62.45 per ANSI/IEEE C62.41.2 Scenario I Category C High Exposure 10kV/10kA waveforms for Line-Ground, Line-Neutral and Neutral-Ground. Enclosure for surge suppression device is constructed of high temperature, flameproof material with an 85 DegreeC maximum surface temperature rating. The device consists of a thermally protected transient overvoltage circuit and is designed for use with universal voltage ballasts and drivers. There is an option for a 360 Degree rotatable twist lock photocell receptacle in accordance with ANSI C136.10. Wireless Controls options are available contact the factory for details.

Ordering Guide

Example: RX132 A 2 N A 3 N N S N

Product Code
  RX132 RX1 LEDGINE (32 LEDs)  
image A Black  
image B White  
image H Bronze  
image I Gray  
  2 Type II  
  3 Type III  
  4 Type IV  
  5 Type V  
Color Temperature
  N 4000K * 3
  A 120-277 VAC  
Drive Current
  3 350 mA * 1
  5 530 mA * 1
  7 700 mA * 1
Photo Control
  N None  
  R Twist-lock Receptacle  
Dimming Control
  N None  
  W Wireless Controls * 2
Surge Suppression
  S Standard Built In <3kV  
  A Additional 10kV/10kA  
House Side Shield
  N None  
  H House Side Shield  
* 1 Multi Tap driver - Only available in RX132: select (3) 350mA, (5) 530mA or (7) 700mA. Only available with (A) 120-277VAC. No Dimming (DA-DZ).
* 2 (W) Wireless Controls - Consult factory.
* 3 (C) Cool 5700K - Consult factory.

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